Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gummi Bears for DPNs

I won these little cuties as a door prize at DFW Fiber Fest. They are so realistic looking I just want to bite their wee little heads off. Unfortunately they are not flavored or gummy (Yes I did check), but they are terribly handy.

They were part of a gift bag I won as a door prize full of handy bits and bobs from Skacel and Addi Turbo. Some very neat things where included but the Addi Teddy Bear Needle Huggers were by far the neatest.

Rangling my DPNs has been an issue the past several months as I had projects on a variety of needles. Honestly my current solutions are just not adequate.

I have a box for long Term storage and a pencil holder for quick use, neither of these qualifies as 'organized'. I am planning a trip to the container store to see what goodies they have.

What I would really like is a tube or other appropriated sized / shaped container for each DPN gauge. That way i can label them and keep them together for easy use.

As it is now I am thinking I may need to buy more needles to replace ones that have 'disappeared'. I am blaming the cat for the losses rather then my own disorganization.

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